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MDwise Marketplace provides access to the top doctors and hospitals in Indiana. When you sign up for MDwise Marketplace, you will choose a doctor (also called a primary medical provider, or PMP).

The doctor you choose will be part of a hospital delivery system. You may only choose a doctor in a delivery system that serves your county. Not all delivery systems serve all counties. Please be sure to choose a delivery system that is available in your county.

PMPs can be one of six types of providers: Family Practice, General Practice, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN (women only), Pediatric (children only) or Nurse Practitioners. Behavioral health providers treat mental health problems and substance abuse problems.

As a MDwise Marketplace member, you must obtain health services directly from participating providers. The only exception is for emergency health services and services that MDwise Marketplace has authorized in advance for you to receive out of network. Providers not in the MDwise Marketplace network may bill you additional fees on top of what MDwise Marketplace pays, this is called balanced billing, and it is not counted towards your deductible and out of pocket maximum. For this reason, when possible, it is best for you to seek care from within our network.

By selecting the links listed below, you can search different directories to find the type of doctor or provider you are looking for. Please note, new doctors are joining our network regularly. Check back in to see if your doctor has been added.

Find a Doctor or Hospital

This includes:
  • Primary Medical Providers (PMPs).
  • Specialists.
  • Hospitals and Facilities.
  • Behavioral Health Providers.

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Hospital Accrediting Organizations

The following organizations survey and accredit hospitals in the MDwise Marketplace network.

Need help with understanding terms such as copay and deductible?

Here is a list of terms you are likely to see as you review health insurance information.
Our MDwise Marketplace plan includes hospitals if they meet our credentialing requirements to ensure members have access within a reasonable distance to their home.

MDwise Marketplace does not use the following criteria for selecting practitioners or hospitals for participation in its plans including:
  1. Quality measures, member experience measures or cost-related measures.
  2. Patient safety measures for hospitals.
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