POWER Account

A POWER Account is similar to a deductible. It is the amount you have to pay before the insurance company will cover the remaining costs.
POWER Accounts are funded in an amount equal to $2,500 for every HIP member. 
The POWER Account is funded through one or more of the following:  
MDwise POWER Account features include:
  • A member’s POWER Account is used to pay the first $2,500 of HIP covered services. 
  • Preventive care services are not deducted from the POWER Account.
  • Members may not use their POWER Account to pay for ER copayments.
  • HIP Basic members may not use their POWER Account to pay for copayments for medical services.
  • No POWER Account contributions or any other cost-sharing including copayments for non-urgent ER visits will be expected from pregnant members.

As a member of the Healthy Indiana Plan, there are special rules to follow. Once you are eligible for the Healthy Indiana Plan, you will get a letter that will let you know what your monthly contribution is. You must pay this each month.

Reminder: If you are a HIP Plus member and you do not make your POWER Account payment, you may be disenrolled or moved to HIP Basic, depending on your income. If you are disenrolled due to non-payment, you can not re-enroll in HIP for 6 months. We will send you a statement each month to remind you a payment is due. There will be a 25% penalty on the remaining balance of your contributions in your POWER Account.

After you make your initial contribution, the Healthy Indiana Plan will add the State portion of the funds you will need to get health care services. This money will go into your POWER Account.