Paying Your Monthly Contribution

It is important to make monthly contributions to your POWER Account.

If you fail to make your POWER Account contribution within 60 days you will:

  • Lose the chance to see your doctor.
  • Depending on your income level, you may move to HIP Basic or lose all coverage.
  • If you lose coverage, any remaining portion of your contributions left over in your POWER Account balance will be subject to a 25 percent penalty.
  • Depending on your income level, you will have to wait six months to reapply for HIP.

Pay By Phone

You can make contribution payments with a debit or credit card by our automated payment by phone system. Call our payment center at 866.539.4092 
or 800.743.3333 (TTY for hearing and speech impaired).

WISEpay (pay electronically)

Make contribution payments online with WISEpay or via myMDwise. You can use a debit or credit card. Learn more about WISEpay.
For general billing and collections help or help with your online payment, please call WISEpay customer service at 866.539.4092 or 800.743.3333 (TTY for hearing and speech impaired).

Pay By Cash with MoneyGram

Please do not mail cash. You can make your POWER Account contribution using cash in person at a MoneyGram location at no cost.
  1. Find a MoneyGram location—over 41,000 locations inside retailers like CVS/pharmacy, Walmart and many more.
  2. Bring these with you:
    • Cash: enough for your payment
    • Your MDwise Recipient Identification Number (RID) found on your member ID card
    • Receive code: 15187 
  3. Complete the MoneyGram ExpressPayment® blue form, use the red MoneyGram phone or use the MoneyGram kiosk to complete your transaction. (Payment processes may vary depending on your location. Simply ask an associate for help.)

Payroll Deduction

Ask your employer if you can have your HIP contribution taken from your paycheck. Your employer will need to review the Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit Instruction Information.  

Pay With Employer or Non-Profit Contribution

Ask your employer or a non-profit organization if they are willing to pay for part or all of your POWER Account balance. He/she will need to fill out the Employer/Non-Profit Contribution Form. This will reduce the amount of money you have to pay.
Your employer or a non-profit organization can assist with some or all of your monthly POWER Account contributions. You will get a bill each month for the rest. Learn more about employer/non-profit contribution.

Pay By Check or Money Order

Send your check or money order to the address listed on your invoice.

Important Note

All checks and money orders are held for 10 days to allow them time to clear. Please keep this in mind when mailing your contribution.
If you do not have enough money in your bank account to cover the payment that you make, you will have an additional fee to pay. You will have to pay a NSF $25.00 fee if your check bounces and $0.50 for online payment transactions. This NSF fee will need to be paid in addition to making your monthly payment again.
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