MDwiseREWARDS for Hoosier Healthwise and HIP

MDwise RewardsGet your FREE gift card!

You don’t have to sign up for MDwiseREWARDS to earn points. You are automatically enrolled.

How do I earn points?

Earn points for a variety of activities, like going to your doctor appointments. Then shop for gift cards with your points. 

You can log onto myMDwise to see how many points you have and how you earned them. You can also redeem your points and order your gift card. If you do not have a computer or need help, call MDwise customer service and they can help you submit your order.

MDwise is Here to Help

For questions please call us at 800.356.1204 or 317.630.2831 if you are in the Indianapolis area. MDwise customer service can provide language services or an interpreter.

New to MDwiseREWARDS:

  1. You will be able to select a Walgreens gift card! CVS cards will no longer be offered.
  2. You can earn REWARDS points for going to a follow-up appointment after your mental health inpatient hospital stay. This appointment should be at an outpatient office or with a counselor. To earn points, the appointment must take place within 7 days from the day you left the hospital.