Changes You Must Report

You are responsible for reporting any changes in your household. See the chart below for more information.
Type of Change Where to Report
Increase or decrease in estimated annual income for 2014
or a change to current month's income
Add or remove application member
Relocation to a new zip code or county
Gain or loss of health coverage
Anyone on the prior application has become pregnant
Change in tax filing status (will or won’t file, joint or separate filer) or change in tax dependents that will be claimed
Became incarcerated or is released from incarceration
Change in immigration status or citizenship
Change in status as member of federally recognized Tribe
Became disabled or in need of long term care (or is no longer in need of care)
Changes to employer coverage
Correct/update the relationships between family members
Name changes MDwise Marketplace and
Email changes MDwise Marketplace and
Phone number changes MDwise Marketplace and
Address changes within the same zip code and county MDwise Marketplace and
Contact method preference changes MDwise Marketplace and
Authorized representative changes MDwise Marketplace and