Provider Workshop Materials


Chiropractic Workgroup Presentation
Podiatry Workgroup Presentation

2018 IHCP Annual Seminar Workship Presentations
1st Quarter 2018 IHCP Workshop Presentation


2017 IHCP Annual Seminar 
Workshop Presentations

1st Quarter 2017 IHCP Workshop Presentation
2nd Quarter 2017 IHCP Workshop Presentation
2017 Annual IHCP Workshop Presentation - UB-04
2017 Annual IHCP Workshop Presentation - RideRight
2017 Annual IHCP Workshop Presentation - Provider Enrollment
2017 Annual IHCP Workshop Presentation - Pay for Performance (HEDIS)
2017 Annual IHCP Workshop Presentation - MDwise Portal
2017 Annual IHCP Workshop Presentation - MDwise 101
2017 Annual IHCP Workshop Presentation - Home Health and Hospice
2017 Annual IHCP Workshop Presentation - CMS 1500
2017 Annual IHCP Workshop Presentation - Prior Authorization


2016 IHCP Annual Seminar 
Workshop Presentations


2015 IHCP Annual Seminar 
Workshop Presentations
UB-04 HHW/HIP Annual Seminar Presentation - September 2015

Helpful Member Resources

MDwise Member Handbooks
Hoosier Healthwise & Healthy Indiana Plan member handbook
Hoosier Care Connect member handbook
MDwise Member Newsletters
Hoosier Healthwise & Healthy Indiana Plan newsletter

Hoosier Care Connect newsletter

MDwise Rewards Program
Members earn points by completing activities related to wellness.

Helpful Provider Resources

Provider Directory
Search for doctors, specialists, hospitals, clinics, labs, medical equipment services and home health services in the MDwise network.
MDwise Quick Contact Guide
This is a provider reference tool listing the most up-to-date contact information for MDwise and its delivery systems.
myMDwise Provider Portal
Registered providers can view member eligibility information securely online including delivery system, PMP information and Right Choices Program (RCP) indicator.
Common MDwise Provider Forms
This contains common MDwise forms such as prior authorization, PMP hold/full panel add, claims dispute and behavioral health.
Provider Revalidation Information
MDwise Provider Revalidation Toolkit
MDwise Case and Care Management Online Referral Form
Online form is for members, providers and caregivers to request care management, case management and specific disease management services.
Behavioral Health Toolkit
Designed to assist PMPs in their efforts to assess and treat behavioral health problems in the primary care setting, as well as to provide guidance regarding when to refer to a behavioral health provider.