Pharmacy Resources for Hoosier Healthwise

Effective 1/1/2017, MedImpact will become the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and pharmacy claims processor for MDwise Hoosier Healthwise program.

MedImpact is responsible for:
  • Processing pharmacy and compound claims.
  • Maintaining the formulary
  • Processing prior authorization requests
  • Auditing Pharmacy providers
  • Managing Specialty pharmacy claims

Questions Concerning Prior Authorizations?

Pharmacists and prescribing providers should contact MedImpact with any questions concerning prior authorizations at 1-800-788-2949. Providers can fax the completed Medication Request Form to 858-790-7100. To find these forms go to our Pharmacy forms page. 

Formulary and Pharmacy Search

A searchable formulary and participating pharmacies are available by selecting the links below for the MDwise Hoosier Healthwise plan.

Pharmacy Resources for MDwise Hoosier Healthwise members

Find a pharmacy for HHW members
Find a drug for HHW members

Pharmacy Documents

Best Practices Generic Dispensing Rates
E-Prescribing and Formulary Searching
MDwise Hoosier Healthwise Printable Formulary
Pharmacy Prior Authorization Quick Reference Guide for Hoosier Healthwise, HIP and Hoosier Care Connect
Medicaid Pharmacy Prior Authorization Guidelines for Hoosier Healthwise and HIP