Medicaid Health Plans of America Launches Center for Best Practices


MHPA’s Center for Best Practices Aims to Improve Quality and Access to Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries

Arlington, VA – November 4, 2010
Today, Medicaid Health Plans of America (MHPA) announced the launch of the Center for Best Practices, its new 501(c)3 affiliate organization. Created to support MHPA’s mission of improving quality and access to care for Medicaid beneficiaries, MHPA’s Center for Best Practices will serve as a convener of Medicaid health plans on research, quality improvement and dissemination of health plans’ best practices in the areas of both clinical and operational performance.
“MHPA’s members have already made great strides towards improving the health of the underserved. The collection of their best practices in MHPA’s annual Best Practices Compendium is evidence of those strides,”said Charlotte MacBeth, President and CEO of MDwise, a MHPA member non-profit plan, and Chair of the Center for Best Practices. “Given how valuable a resource the Compendium is, establishing the Center, which will have a more active role in educating the healthcare community in innovative best practices, is the logical next step in promoting our industry’s contributions to health care,” she explained during MHPA’s Annual Meeting in Arlington, VA near Washington, DC.
The Center for Best Practices will engage the senior leadership of MHPA’s member and non-member health plans — including CEOs, CFOs and Chief Medical Officers — to develop collaborative strategies that improve the health outcomes of plan members. Specifically, the Center will develop special programs, publications and research initiatives that target health problems and identify innovative solutions based on data and best practice information. For example, the Center will analyze health plan and other data to improve cost and quality management, convene and support member plans in quality improvement initiatives, and focus on reducing racial and ethnic health disparities. The Center will accomplish these goals through the use of strategic initiatives, including hosting an annual forum, conducting educational briefings, and publishing best practice information. In addition to its research and education-based activities, the Center also seeks strategic partnerships with organizations whose goals are consistent with those of the Center. Through these collaborations, the Center will address crucial health care issues related to prevention, chronic care and complex care management for our nation’s poor.
“There is much work to be done to improve care for the medically underserved and reduce health care disparities,” said Ms. MacBeth. “MHPA’s Center for Best Practices, through research, innovation and education, brings us one step closer to reaching that goal.”
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