Cost of Care

It is important to know what your medical services cost.

You may want to know the cost of a medical service before you go to the doctor. Then you will know how much will be taken out of your POWER Account each time you get medical care. You can download and print the MDwise list of common medical services and estimated reimbursement rates.* You can also call MDwise customer service at 800-356-1204. 

If you want to know about a specific service that is not listed, please call MDwise customer service and we will research it for you. We will call you back to let you know the estimated reimbursement for that service.
*Please note that these costs are estimates

POWER Account Statements

You will get a POWER Account statement each month. This statement will tell you what services you have received and what was taken out of your POWER Account to pay for them.

You can sign up to get these monthly statements online through myMDwise. You can earn MDwiseREWARDS points if you sign up. Learn more about MDwiseREWARDS.