Gateway to Work

What is Gateway to Work? 


GatewayToWork-2color-CMYK.jpgGateway to Work is a part of the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP). It connects HIP members like you with ways to look for work, train for jobs, finish school and volunteer. Starting in 2019, you might be required to do Gateway to Work activities to keep your HIP benefits. The Indiana Family Social and Services Administration (FSSA) will give you your Gateway to Work status. Your status will be Reporting, Reporting Met or Exempt.
If your Gateway to Work status is “Reporting,” you need to meet a required number of activity hours each month and report them. There are many things you can do to meet the requirement. Activity hours must be reported using the FSSA Benefits Portal or by calling MDwise. MDwise can answer questions or connect you with new activities.
At the end of the year, the state will look at all the hours you reported and determine if you met your required hours each month. You will need to meet the required monthly hours 8 out of 12 months of the year to keep your HIP benefits. Contact MDwise with questions about Gateway to Work.
For more information about Gateway to Work, to log activity hours, or look for volunteer and work opportunities, please visit and click on “Gateway to Work."


What is WORKwise?


WORKwise_CMYK.pngParticipating in WORKwise helps HIP members
fulfill Gateway to Work requirements. 
WORKwise is a free program for MDwise members.

WORKwise connects members to work and education resources. WORKwise Success Guides help members build resumes, prepare for interviews, access educational opportunities and more. Success Guides also provide training, clinics and other tailored opportunities. These tools help prepare members to take steps toward their personal success.

To view our WORKwise Job Help Brochure, click here.

Success Guides can also help members use HELPlink resources. HELPlink is a free program that connects members to organizations in their community. These organizations can help with child care, housing, utilities, emergency services and more. HELPlink is available to all members.

To learn more about WORKwise activities, click here.
For more information about WORKwise, attend a WORKwise event.
To request more information about WORKwise fill out our form.