WORKwise Activities

HIP members can participate in Gateway to Work by completing or participating in a variety of activities. You can earn hours in more than one category. For example, in one month you could go to job training for 5 hours and volunteer for 5 hours to earn 10 hours. 

You can learn more about WORKwise and earn hours toward Gateway to Work by attending a WORKwise event. You can find a full list of MDwise events, including WORKwise events, on the MDwise events calendar

WORKwise has activities to help you earn Gateway to Work hours by working, learning and serving. To learn more about WORKwise activities, click on the link to each section.

tie-01.png  Work.


learn-01.png  Learn.


serve-01.png  Serve.

For more help participating in Gateway to Work, opt-in to the WORKwise program by filling out this form. When you fill out the WORKwise form, a Success Guide in your region will contact you. The Success Guide will help you one-on-one to navigate Gateway to Work and be successful.