Employer/Third Party Contributions

HIP is sponsored by the State of Indiana. It offers a basic health insurance benefit plan, subject to individual contributions and paired with a Personal Wellness and Responsibility (POWER) Account.
An employer or a third party can assist with some or all of the member's monthly POWER Account contributions. Third Party contributors can be churches, agencies, non-profit organizations or foundations.

Getting Started

If you are interested in contributing to your employee’s POWER Account or if you are a third party interested in contributing to a HIP member's POWER Account, please fill out the Employer/Third Party Contribution form.
Once completed, the form can be mailed to:
MDwise Healthy Indiana Plan
P.O. Box 1768
LaPorte, Indiana
Or you can fax it to 219-362-4422.

What is the cost to you as an employer or a third party organization?

  • Your employee or the HIP member pays a portion of his or her POWER Account. The remainder is funded by the State of Indiana. His/her portion is determined by the State based on income and certain eligible expenses. You, the employer or a third party, can assist with some or all of the HIP member's monthly POWER Account contributions.
  • Employer or third party contributions may be paid monthly or annually. Annual lump sum payments will be rolled over on a month-to-month basis.Talk to your employee about the contribution amount.
  • Payment options for employers or other third parties include check; money order; automatic payroll deduction; unlimited electronic check or debit card payments via phone; automatic draft withdrawal from designated account; automated clearinghouse; electronic funds transfer (EFT); and online payment system (WISEpay): https://mdwise.mysecurebill.com/.
  • MDwise will allow employers and other third parties to make lump sum POWER Account payments. MDwise will ensure that lump sum payments are credited against the member’s required POWER Account contributions on a first month’s basis.


How does this benefit you as an employer?

  • You will attract and retain quality employees if you assist with the cost of POWER Account contributions.
  • Employees will be healthier. This means you will have less absences and loss of productivity due to illness.
  • You will have more productive and satisfied employees.
  • You will see a reduced turnover with resulting cost savings.