Case Management Rights and Responsibilities

MDwise members have the right to:
  1. Have information about MDwise programs. Have information about MDwise staff.
  2. Choose not to participate in MDwise programs or services.
  3. Know the staff members responsible for your case management services. Know how to change your case manager.
  4. Have MDwise support when making health care decisions.
  5. Know all the case management services that are available. Discuss these services with your provider.
  6. Have your medical information kept safe. Know who has access to your information. Know how MDwise keeps your information safe
  7. Be treated with respect by MDwise staff.
  8. Communicate a complaint to MDwise. Know how to file a complaint. Know how long it takes to get an answer to your complaint.
  9. Have information that you can understand.

MDwise members are expected to:
  1. Follow MDwise advice.
  2. Give MDwise the right information so we can give you the services you need.
  3. Let MDwise and your treating provider know if you leave the MDwise program.