Fraud and Abuse

You can report fraud and abuse by calling MDwise customer service. You do not have to give your name. If you do, the provider or member will not be told that you called.You also can send an email to our fraud investigation team at, or leave us an anonymous voice message on our Compliance Hotline, 317-822-7400.

Examples of health care provider fraud and abuse are:

  • Billing or charging you for services that MDwise covers.
  • Offering you gifts or money to receive treatment or services.
  • Offering you free services, equipment or supplies in exchange for use of your Hoosier Healthwise or Healthy Indiana Plan number.
  • Giving you treatment or services that you do not need. 
  • Physical, mental or sexual abuse by medical staff.
  • Billing or charging for a treatment, service or supply that is different than what you received.

Examples of member fraud and abuse are:

  • Members selling or lending their identification cards to people not covered by Hoosier Healthwise or the Healthy Indiana Plan.
  • Members abusing their benefits by seeking drugs or services that are not medically necessary.

Help MDwise Stop Fraud and Abuse

  • Do not give your member ID card or MDwise card number to anyone. It is okay to give it to your doctor, clinic, hospital, pharmacy, Hoosier Healthwise, Healthy Indiana Plan or MDwise customer service.
  • Do not let anyone borrow or use your member ID card.
  • Do not ask your doctor or any health care provider for medical care that you do not need.
  • Work with your primary doctor to get all of the care that you need.
  • Do not share your Hoosier Healthwise, Healthy Indiana Plan or other medical information with anyone except your doctor, clinic, hospital or other health provider.

If you have questions or concerns about fraud and abuse, call MDwise customer service.