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MDwise covers pregnancy care for Hoosier Healthwise and Healthy Indiana Plan members. If you are pregnant, you should see your doctor right away. You should also call MDwise customer service for important information. Regular check-ups are important for a healthy baby. Remember to keep your appointments and follow your doctor’s advice.

Care During Pregnancy (Prenatal Care)

pregnancy-icon.pngWhile you are pregnant, you will go to a doctor who takes care of pregnant women. This is called an OB provider. If you need help finding an OB provider, call MDwise at 1-800-356-1204. At your first pregnancy visit, your provider will:
  • Give you a physical exam.
  • Tell you the date your baby will most likely be born.
  • Study your medical history to look for anything that might affect your pregnancy or your baby.
  • Check for any health problems that might be passed down to your baby. This is called genetic screening.

If your OB provider does not find any problems, you will usually see them:
  • One time every 4 weeks for the first 28 weeks.
  • One time every 2 or 3 weeks from week 28 through week 36.
  • After 36 weeks, 1 time every week until you have your baby.

If you have any special medical problems, your provider may want to see you more often. If you need a specialist when you are pregnant, your doctor can refer you.

Your OB provider might do the following during visits to make sure you and your baby are healthy:
  • Check your weight.
  • Check your blood pressure.
  • Check your urine for protein.
  • Check your baby’s heart rate.
  • Check the size of your womb (also called the uterus).
  • Check for any bleeding or other leaking.
  • Educate you on pregnancy symptoms, birth plans, newborn care and more.

Your doctor can also give you vitamins. Vitamins help keep your baby healthy during your pregnancy and help prevent birth defects. Sometime during your regular visits, the OB provider will talk to you about what pain medicine you might need during labor and delivery (birth of your baby).

Before or during pregnancy, alcohol and drugs can harm your unborn baby and can harm baby afterwards through breast milk. If you need help for alcohol or drug use, talk to your doctor. Smoking during and after pregnancy also harms your baby. Talk to your doctor to find out ways they can help you quit.

When you are pregnant, you may have changes in your mood. This is usually because of hormone changes. This normally goes away in the first week or two after you have your baby. The mood changes can last longer after you have your baby. You could be having “baby blues” or it may be more. You should talk to your provider or your care manager to find out if you need help.

Scheduled Deliveries

Scheduled deliveries are when you and your OB provider pick the day to deliver your baby. This can be done by scheduling a C-section. Or you can be admitted to the hospital and given IV medication to start your labor.

MDwise supports The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s recommendations for scheduled deliveries. As a MDwise member who may be pregnant or become pregnant, we want you to know what MDwise health care providers are recommending about scheduled deliveries.

Scheduled Deliveries Recommendations
  • If there is no medical reason for you to deliver before your due date, it’s best for you and your baby to wait for natural labor.
  • The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists recommends scheduled deliveries without a medical reason should not occur before 39 weeks of pregnancy.
  • If you must schedule your delivery, talk with your health care provider and make sure you are at least 39 weeks into your pregnancy.


phone-icon.pngWe want to help make sure your baby is born healthy so call us as soon as you know you are pregnant. We will talk to you about how your pregnancy is going. If you need extra help, we can be sure you get it. It is also very important to pick a doctor for your baby BEFORE your baby is born. We can help you pick a doctor who is right for you. We will send you important information about pregnancy and motherhood. You will also be able to earn reward points for making and keeping all of your prenatal and postpartum doctor appointments.

Care After Pregnancy (Postpartum Care)

It is important to go to your postpartum appointment. Your postpartum visit should be three to seven weeks after your baby is born. Your provider will assess your healing, mood and answer questions you may have at your postpartum visit. Your care manager can help you make that appointment.

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Hoosier Healthwise Package A and Healthy Indiana Plan

Every MDwise member must have a doctor, even new babies. You should pick a doctor for your baby while you are still pregnant. Then, call MDwise to tell us. Other people, like a caseworker or nurse, can help you make this choice, but you still have to call us to make the selection.

How to Pick the Baby’s Doctor:

  1. When you are pregnant, start thinking about what doctor you want for your baby. Because you are in MDwise, you must pick a MDwise doctor for your baby too. Family, friends, and your doctor can help give good advice.
  2. As soon as you pick your baby’s doctor, call MDwise to tell us your choice.
  3. As soon as your baby is born, call your caseworker, your local office of the DFR, or the Document Center at 1-800-403- 0864 to get a Hoosier Health ID number for the baby. Who you call depends on what county you live in.

Hoosier Healthwise Package C

When a Package C member is pregnant, she should call Hoosier Healthwise at 1-800-889-9949 to learn how to enroll the baby once they are born. The baby will not be automatically enrolled. You must call to sign the baby up for health benefits!

These rules also apply if your children have Package C benefits and you learn that you are going to have another baby. You must sign up each child or they won’t get benefits!

Even though you must wait until the baby is born to sign the baby up for benefits, you or your child can pick a doctor for the baby before the baby is born. This is very important to make sure the baby gets health benefits from the doctor you want once the baby is born.

When you enroll the new baby, don’t forget to choose the baby’s doctor:
  1. As soon as you or your child becomes pregnant, talk with family, friends, or your doctor about any ideas they may have on a good doctor for the baby.
  2. Once you pick a doctor for the baby, call MDwise customer service to tell us the choice. You can also call Hoosier Healthwise at 1-800-889-9949. Other people, like a caseworker or nurse, can help you or your child make this choice, but you will still have to call to make the selection.
  3. When the baby is born, call your caseworker, your local office of the DFR, or the Document Center at 1-800-403-0864 to apply for Hoosier Healthwise for the baby.

pacifier-icon.pngTIP: It is best to pick your baby’s MDwise doctor before they are born. If you do not choose your baby’s doctor while you are pregnant, a doctor will be picked for your baby. This might not be the doctor you want, so it is better to pick one yourself. Make this important decision early.

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