Special Services

MDwise has several ways to help us talk with special needs members. Instructions are shown below.



  1. Call the Relay Indiana Service at 1-800-743-3333. You can also dial “711.” This number can be used anywhere in Indiana.
  2. Ask them to connect you to MDwise customer service.



  1. MDwise has customer service representatives who can talk to members in other languages.
  2. The customer service representatives can also get an interpreter on the line if needed. The customer service representative and the interpreter will both help answer your questions.




MDwise doctors can talk to you in Spanish or other languages, including sign language. This is a free service. It is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone and at doctor visits. You or your doctor can call MDwise customer service and these services will be arranged for you. 




If you need your member handbook and other MDwise information in other ways let us know. Please contact us if you need the information in larger print, Braille, on an audiocassette, etc.




Advance directives are documents you can complete to protect your rights for medical care. They can help your family and doctor understand your wishes about your health care.

You can:

  • Decide right now what medical treatments you want or don’t want.
  • Give someone the power to act for you in a lot of situations, including your health care.
  • Appoint someone to say yes or no to your medical treatments when you are no longer able.
  • Inform your doctor, in advance, if you would or would not like to use life support systems, if ever necessary.
  • Inform your doctor if you would like to be an organ donor.

Types of advance directives recognized in Indiana include: 

  1. Talking directly to your doctor and family.
  2. Organ and tissue donation.
  3. Health Care Representative.
  4. Living Will Declaration or Life-Prolonging Procedures Declaration.
  5. Psychiatric advance directives.
  6. Do Not Resuscitate Declaration and Order (out of hospital).
  7. Power of Attorney.

Advance directives will not take away your right to make your own decisions. Advance directives will work only when you are unable to speak for yourself. MDwise cannot refuse care or discriminate against members based on whether they choose to have, or not to have, an advance directive. MDwise is required to follow State and Federal laws. Your MDwise doctor should document whether or not you have executed an advance directive in your medical record.

If you have concerns a MDwise organization or provider is not meeting advance directive requirements, call MDwise customer service.