Webinar Series

The following webinars have been made available by MDwise for provider viewing and training purposes. The series includes evidence-based updates and best practices in the care of MDwise membership.


Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Health Care Services

April 2014 | Part I Running Time: 25 minutes
 | Part II Running Time: 35 minutes

This training is a two part series that will take you through the components of culturally and linguistically appropriate health care services.
It has been developed for any individual who may directly or indirectly interact with a MDwise member, including all MDwise-employed staff and all MDwise-contracted entities, including but not limited to: providers, case managers, customer service representatives, consultants and contracted vendors.

Presentation Slides and Webinar

CLAS Standard Slides, Part I of II

CLAS Standard Slides, Part II of II

CLAS Standard Online Quiz

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How Can COPD Impact Your Patients?

August 2011 | Running Time: 26 minutes