Right Choices Program

Some of your MDwise patients may need extra guidance for making appropriate health care decisions. For those patients, MDwise offers the Right Choices Program.

The Right Choices program is available for Hoosier Healthwise and HIP members. Members are enrolled in the Right Choices program for two years. After two years, the member undergoes a review to determine whether the member would benefit from continuing in the program.

In the Right Choices program, members are assigned or “locked-in” to one primary medical provider (PMP), one pharmacy and one hospital. To receive health care outside of the assigned providers, the PMP is required to submit a referral. If a member goes outside of their assigned providers for care they will be liable for charges, except for self-referral services such as behavioral health or for true emergencies.

Members in the Right Choices program will be assigned a care manager to provide additional education.

If you believe one of your patients would benefit from participating in the Right Choices Program, you can make a referral by contacting MDwise customer service. The member’s case will be researched prior to being assigned to the Right Choices Program. If one of your patients is assigned to the Right Choices Program, you will be alerted in a letter from FSSA.

For more information see the Right Choices Program manual at IndianaMedicaid.com and MDwise Right Choices Program information for members.



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