Healthy Indiana Plan


HIP Plus

HIP Plus has no copayments. This means you won't have to pay when you visit the doctor, fill prescriptions or stay in the hospital. HIP Plus also includes dental and vision benefits. Members in HIP Plus contribute to a Personal Wellness and Responsibility Account (POWER Account). These monthly contributions to your POWER Account may be as low as $1 a month.

HIP State Plan Plus

HIP State Plan Plus is for people who have complex medical conditions, mental health disorders, or a substance use disorder. HIP State Plan Plus gives you more benefits and provides the best value coverage. You will pay a low, predictable monthly cost based on your income. This monthly cost is called your POWER Account contribution. With HIP State Plan Plus:

  • Members pay their POWER Account contribution, which is a low monthly payment based on their income.

  • Transportation services are covered.

  • Members do not have to pay copays (except for using the emergency room when it’s not a true emergency).

Dental services, vision services and chiropractic services are covered.


HIP Basic

HIP Basic offers limited benefits and can be more expensive than paying your low monthly HIP Plus POWER Account contribution. In HIP Basic, you have to make a payment every time you receive a health care service. HIP Basic copayments range from $4-$8 per doctor visit or prescription filled and may be as high as $75 per hospital stay.

HIP State Plan Basic  

HIP State Plan Basic is for people who have complex medical conditions, mental health disorders, or a substance use disorder. HIP State Plan Basic offers enhanced benefits such as vision, dental, chiropractic and transportation services. With HIP State Plan Basic, you will need to make a payment called a copayment for most health care services you receive. You will need to pay when you go to the doctor, fill a prescription or stay in the hospital.
  • Copayments can cost between $4 to $8 per doctor visit or prescription filled.
  • Copayments can be as high as $75 per hospital stay.
HIP State Plan Basic could cost more than paying the HIP State Plan Plus monthly POWER Account contribution.


HIP Maternity 

You must call FSSA or MDwise as soon as you find out you are pregnant. If you are pregnant when you apply and get accepted to HIP, you’ll automatically be put in the HIP Maternity plan.
You will not have to make your POWER Account payment or pay copayments while on the HIP Maternity plan. You will have pregnancy benefits and additional benefits such as transportation.
You will receive 12 months of HIP Maternity coverage after your pregnancy ends for post-partum care. When your pregnancy ends, report it to FSSA immediately at 1-800-403-0864.

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