Renewing Your HIP Coverage

How to Renew your Healthy Indiana Plan Coverage

As a HIP member, it is important to understand your Benefit Year and Recertification Period (also known as Redetermination Period). The Benefit Year starts January 1 and ends December 31 each calendar year. Recertification Period (Redetermination Period) is 12 months from when you are approved for coverage. This can be different for each person.

Benefit Year:

  • Your Benefit Year does not change if you leave the HIP program and return during the year.
  • Benefit limits and POWER Account reset each January.
  • November 1 – December 15 you will have a chance to stay with your current health plan or change your health plan for the next Benefit Year.

Don't forget to choose MDwise for your health plan every year!

NOTE: If you like MDwise you will need to do nothing and MDwise will automatically carry over to the next Benefit Year. MDwise is committed to serve our members health care needs.

  • If you want to change your health plan you can contact the enrollment broker 1-877-438-4479 during the annual Health Plan Selection Period which is November 1 – December 15 of every year.
  • You must get your preventive services within the Benefit Year to qualify for rollover of any funds left in your POWER Account. Learn more on your POWER Account.

Recertification (also known as Redetermination) Period:

You can buy-in to HIP Plus during the Recertification Period IMPORTANT: You must participate in the annual Recertification (Redetermination) process. Letters for your recertification will come from the Division of Family Resources (DFR).

See below for the process for the Redetermination Period:

Read your mail from FSSA.

If your health coverage is not auto-renewing, you will get a letter from FSSA about 45 days before the end of your recertification period. It will include a recertification review form.

Follow the instructions.

You will need to review the recertification review form. If anything on the form has changed you should write in the correct information. After reviewing the form, you will need to return it to FSSA if you made any changes.

Medicaid Members: Time is running out! Act now to keep your MDwise health coverage.

HIP members will have the chance to change their health plan once a year. This is called the Health Plan Selection Period. This happens once a year from November 1 to December 15 and is separate from redetermination. Read more information on the Health Plan Selection Period.

Has your address or contact information changed?

FSSA needs to know. This will make sure you receive communications regarding your benefits. If you have any changes, contact your local Division of Family Resources.