Renewing Your Coverage | Hoosier Healthwise

How to Renew your Hoosier Healthwise Coverage

Read your mail from FSSA.

About three months before your benefits end, you'll get a letter from FSSA. This letter will tell you when your current benefit period ends and to renew before this date.

Follow the instructions.

After the first letter, FSSA will send you another letter. This letter will tell you what to do next. Please read everything carefully and follow all instructions, or you could lose your health coverage and/or your doctor.

Don't forget to choose MDwise!

Make sure that you stay with MDwise so that you don't lose your in-network doctor. 

Has your address or contact information changed?

FSSA needs to know. This will make sure you receive communications regarding your benefits. If you have any changes, contact your local Division of Family Resources.