Program Rules for HIP Members

Every MDwise Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) member can earn his or her own points. MDwise will count up each member’s points on a regular basis.

Log on to myMDwise to see how many points you have and how you earned them. You can also redeem your points and order your gift card. If you do not have a computer or need help, call MDwise customer service.
Click here to download and print the program rules.

Here are some rules that must be followed to earn and redeem points:

  1. You must be a MDwise HIP member at the time you receive the service or perform the action.
  2. You must be a MDwise HIP member at the time you redeem your points and earn your reward.
  3. If you only have coverage during your pregnancy, you can still redeem your points for up to six months after your pregnancy is over. This can happen even if you are not eligible for a different MDwise program following your pregnancy. You may need to call MDwise customer service in order to redeem your points.
  4. Each member can redeem up to 300 points each year. This means that the most you can get is $300 each calendar year.
  5. Points you earn for each activity will expire 2 years from the date of that activity. For example, if you get your annual physical exam on July 1 of this year you will earn 10 points. The 10 points for that visit will expire on July 1 two years from now. You must use these points before they expire or you will lose them.
  6. It is your responsibility to be sure we have your correct address at all times. If we send a card to you at the wrong address we will not resend that card. We will only resend it to you if it is returned to us in the mail.
  7. Sometimes your points will not show up right away. Many of the points you earn depend on your doctor sending us the claim or the bill for that service. This sometimes takes several months. Please be patient!
  8. For HIP members that choose the POWER Account contribution option as their reward, these funds will go towards your payment to stay in the HIP Plus plan. The Plus plan has more benefits like dental and vision coverage. You also do not have co-pays with HIP Plus. If you choose this, MDwise will put this towards your yearly payment. That means you may owe less or nothing at all, depending on how much your yearly payment is.
  9. IF you do not actively use your points, we may offer to apply your unused points to help pay your POWER Account. We will send you a letter asking you if you want to do this. This will move you into the HIP Plus Plan, or help you pay your monthly contribution to stay in Plus. HIP Plus has extra benefits, like dental and vision.
  10. MDwise reserves the right to change the MDwiseREWARDS program at any time. We will keep the website updated with any changes.

MDwise is Here to Help

For questions please call us at 1-800-356-1204. MDwise customer service can provide language services or an interpreter.

Members can also submit a question or comment to customer service through your myMDwise account. If you d not have a myMDwise account, you must create an account. A MDwise customer service representative will respond within 24 hours.