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Medicines for MDwise HIP members are covered. You can go to any pharmacy within the MDwise pharmacy network. If you have pharmacy questions or problems, please call 1-844-336-2677.

How the Prescription Benefit Works

When you need medicine, your doctor will write a prescription. You can take that prescription to the network pharmacy of your choice.
HIP Plus members will have no copays for prescription medicine. HIP Basic members will have copays for prescription medicine. You may look at the list of covered drugs and their copay by program by selecting the find a drug link below for your plan.
Some over-the-counter medicines or vitamins are covered under HIP. To see which ones are covered  select the find a drug link below for your plan.

Prescription Medicine

The Healthy Indiana Plan covers necessary medicines. Your doctor must prescribe these medicines. It must be a medicine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The Healthy Indiana Plan gives your doctor a tool called a formulary. This helps him or her prescribe drugs for you. A formulary is a list of the brand and generic medicines covered by the Healthy Indiana Plan. MDwise Healthy Indiana Plan members can call 1-844-336-2677 to ask about medicines that are covered.

Home delivery of your maintenance medicines are also available. Maintenance medicines are taken regularly for chronic or long-term conditions. Click HERE for more information on how to start home delivery or mail order.

Pharmacy Resources for HIP Plus members

Find a pharmacy/price check for HIP Plus members
Find a drug HIP Plus members

Pharmacy Resources for HIP Basic members

Find a pharmacy/price check HIP Basic members
Find a drug HIP Basic members

Pharmacy Resources for HIP State Plan members

Find a pharmacy/price check HIP State Plan members‚Äč
Find a drug HIP State Plan members

*Your pharmacy benefits will be different depending on which HIP plan you are in. 
Icon Status Definition HIP Plus Copay HIP Basic & State Basic Copay
icon_set2_T1.gif Tier 1 Generic Drugs $0 $4
tier-2.png Tier 2 Brand Drugs $0 $8
tier-3.png Tier 3 Essential Health Benefit Drugs $0 $0
non-formulary.png Non-Formulary Non-Formulary Not covered under pharmacy benefit (coverage MAY be available under the medical benefit). Not covered under pharmacy benefit (coverage MAY be available under the medical benefit).

Pharmacy Documents and Links

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