Member Information

As a MDwise Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) member, remember these basic rules:
  1. You can only choose and change your doctor by talking with MDwise. Call MDwise customer service right away and confirm your doctor.
  2. Carry your member ID card with you at all times. Show your card every time you get health care.
  3. Contact your doctor first for all medical care. Only go to the emergency room for true medical emergencies.
  4. Make sure MDwise always has your correct address and phone number. This will help us contact you about you and your family’s important health care information.
  5. You must get preventive health care and check-ups each year you have coverage to qualify for POWER Account rollover.
  6. You must pay your monthly contribution to stay in HIP Plus. If you do not make your monthly POWER Account contribution on time, you may be disenrolled or moved to HIP Basic, depending on your income.
  7. Some services need approval from MDwise before you get them. This is called prior authorization. For more information, see page 13 of the Healthy Indiana Plan member handbook.
  8. Review your member handbook for important information.