Benefits and Services

Hoosier Healthwise members get a variety of health care benefits and services. You can see a doctor for preventive care visits. We can also help you get transportation to your doctor and dentist. Or we can get you information about community services close to you.
You can also find important information about Hoosier Healthwise in your member handbook.
Learn more about Hoosier Healthwise covered benefits and services below.

What's not covered?

There are some health services that are not covered by the Hoosier Healthwise program. For a complete list of these services, see the Hoosier Healthwise section of the member handbook from pages 33–35. There are some network, service or benefit restrictions, see the Hoosier Healthwise section of the member handbook from pages 33–35 for more information.


Getting Information in Other Languages and Formats

If you need your member handbook and other MDwise information in other ways let us know. For example, if you need the information in another language, larger print, Braille or on in an audio format, call MDwise customer service.